Future of Content Marketing

Recently, I attended a seminar from Content Marketing Institute on the future of content marketing. One of the key takeaways from the seminar was the increasing pressure marketers are feeling when it comes to content. Most marketers agree that this issue (at least to them) is they need more content. That the more content you have, the more you are proving value and insight to clients.

Joe Pulizzi lamented that the issue is not more content, but that you need a content strategy. Why you ask?  Publishing more content and pushing it into the market is not going to improve your marketing in fact it will increase the noise already in the marketplace. But, if you align your content based on your clients and their needs at different stages, you are better able to provide value. Shocking, planning for content rather than creating senseless marketing materials will get you to your end destination. It is always the most simple advice that achieves the greatest success. It is really about KISS = Keep it simple, stupid.

There was a lot of great conversations. Search for the hashtag #CMI from December 3rd. I found the seminar very information and worth checking out.

The Future of Content Marketing: A Special Report on 2013 Benchmarking, Budget and Trends


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