Nine Ways to Leverage PR in Your Marketing

This week I was reading Shift Communication blog post, Good PR is a Force Multiplier and kept nodding throughout it. Christopher Penn, who wrote the article, highlights one of the most important principles behind PR and why it is critical now: PR helps get people to your company through increased awareness. Advertising does this as well, but PR placement is generally written by a third party and trusted. Think about your trade publications. Which would you rather send an article written about your products and clients or an ad?

What are the ways you can leverage public relations in your marketing arsenal?Nine Ways to Leverage PR in Your Marketing

  1.  Include earned media in your e-mail campaigns. If you are sending out newsletters or scheduled campaigns around webinars and events, add earned media to the mix. The biggest opportunity is to take the coverage that is already written by someone else and use it for promotional or other marketing efforts. Hello! It is already trusted and valued since it is coming from someone else. Extend the life of your media coverage by using earned media as your hub for content.   Boom! There goes your reach by four times.
  2. Get your sales folks to send out media release and coverage in their correspondence to prospects. What better way to validate your products and services through trades publications and other writers writing about it!
  3. Share your media coverage on your blog, social media, and internal communication vehicles. Leverage your employees as brand ambassadors. Think sphere of influence.
  4. Take your media coverage and turn it into a playbook. For example, take each article and highlight the products and services that made the client successful. Fill it with additional tips and links back to your site. Clients want to hear from other clients, so why not giving them something tangible? And what’s better demand gen fodder than an playbook?
  5. Turn your media coverage piece into a blog series and further drill down on topics that were not covered in the original article.
  6. Read the Altimeter Group report, The Converged Media Imperative: How Brands Must Combine Paid, Owned & Earned Media from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare.
  7. Take the media coverage piece and turn it into a video. You can interview the client or executive on camera and drill down on the selling points you want to highlight.
  8. Marketing is about persuasion. Why note highlight the media coverage in your other collateral?
  9. Put your media coverage articles on a jump drive for trade shows and events. Better yet you can create a whole landing page around it.

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