Seven #SocialMedia Tips in Less than Eight Clicks

Happy Tuesday. Thinking about sharing practical advice in social media, I decided to do a top list of articles from my past posting. One of the reasons I decided to start writing this blog was to share my past experiences and provide solid advice to folks looking for ways to use social media. I don’t believe it is difficult, I think it’s hard to change the norm and get people to try new things. I want to share advice without the hype and ra ra. We all know we should be doing more with social, but often don’t know how.

Seven Tips in Eight ClicksSo, here is my attempt to provide solid advice for the folks who are looking for real tactics. Practical tips for the pragmatic professional.

Happy reading.

Holy Grail of Gaining More Followers on Twitter

Part 1: 4 Things I Learned during My First Year of Implementing a Global Social Media Strategy

Part 2: Everyone else is an expert

Part 3: You Need an Executive Champion

Part 4:  Social Media Needs to Involve Others, but There’s a Catch

When Tactics, Not Strategy Drives Your Social Media

Who is Driving Your Social Media Bus


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  1. Saved as a favorite, I love your site!

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