What Does Social Media and Online Dating Have in Common?

Recently, I was chatting with a friend about her recent online dating shenanigans.  As she began painting the picture of Mr. Right Now, I was intrigued by what led her to pick her date’s profile. How do you pick one profile out of many? Our conversation went a little like this..

Me: “So, why did you pick this guy?”

Friend: “He put ninjas on his can’t live without list.”

Me: “Ninjas?”

Friend: “Yup, ninjas. It was apart of his favorite things list. Like, I like wine, running, and ninjas. How could I not go out with him at least once.”

Whether ninjas are your thing or not, it proves that sometimes you need to add a little dash of unexpected to your social media activities. What struck me is what her reaction was. First, it was laughter. Second, intrigue of who is this guy?

While I don’t anticipate anyone of us putting ninjas in our profile for kicks, I think it proves a few points that we all could incorporate in our social media activities.

  • Be interesting. Sometimes unexpected is what gets someone attention. I think about this in terms of profiles on Twitter. Here is a great list of some of the best twitter bios.
  • Paint a vivid picture. As I written previously about storytelling, it important to paint a picture. Love the ideas someone thought it would be funny to put ninjas on his profile.
  • Funny can be good. While your social media presence represents your brand, I think funny is always good if you’re comfortable with sharing.

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