Six Tips to Be More Creative in Your Public Relations Work (Part One)

I recently spoke on the Bulldog Reporter panel about how to bring more creativity in your public relations work. Love the opportunity to share some nuggets on how I bring more creativity to my work. And let’s be honest, sometimes being creativity is hard work. So, here are my tips to bringing more creativity to your public relations work:

  •  Schedule Time for Creativity. You need to schedule time to be creative because it just won’t magically happen otherwise. Back to back meetings are not helping your creativity so make sure to budget time to brainstorm ideas. Schedule down time to do research or noodle on topics at least once a week.
  • Plan for Research in the Process. Sometimes when brainstorming, I start researching a variety of germane topics on Google. Look for the weird and opportunities outside your discipline to generate ideas. I recently spoke with one of our developers who share different articles that are funny or inspiring to jump-start her team’s creativity. For me, when I am struggling with creating content, I check out Buzzfeed or Huffington Post often because both of these publications do an amazing job of creating entertaining and engaging headlines and content.
  • Add an Incubation Period. So, when you think you have the next great idea, let it simmer first before sharing. Lifehacker wrote about the importance of an incubation period, “Especially if you have thought long and hard all day about a problem, jumping into the shower can turn into what scientist call the “incubation period” for your ideas. The subconscious mind has been working extremely hard to solve the problems you face and now that you let your mind wander, it can surface and plant those ideas into you.”
  • Find a Buddy to Bounce Ideas. Who says your boss or coworkers are the only people you should chat with about ideas? Look for likeminded people in other departments, industries or companies. Some of my best ideas have come when I have chatted with people outside my organization who have other experiences and backgrounds.
  • Plan for Naysayers, Roadblockers, and Buzzkillers. These folks dislike change and don’t want to rock the boat with new ideas. Plan for them and make them apart of creative process early. Another piece of advice worth reading is Peter Shankman’s why to love your haters .Rachel Metscher's Journal for Metscher Musing
  • Carry a Journal. I am old school and carry this journal everywhere I go. You never know when you will have an idea. If you are addicted to your iPhone look into Evernote.

This is only a short list, but starting small can lead to big ideas.



Rachel DiCaro Metscher, director of advocacy and communications for Hobsons, has worked with many organizations to build their communications and marketing programs, including Fannie Mae, American Psychological Association, and The Princeton Review. Currently, Rachel is responsible for Hobsons’ external communication programs, which include public relations, brand, website, and social media.


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