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What the Super Bowl Blackout Brought to Light

Update: BuzzFeed article highlights the pragmatic approach of the Oreo’s brand team and their social agency, 360i. Another trend I noticed in the article and worth mentioning is the concept of the “social command center.”

If you were watching the Twitterverse during the game, you noticed that there was a few clever ads that pocked fun at last night’s Super Bowl blackout.

All over the media outlets was the success of the Oreo’s social media ad of “You can Still Dunk them in the Dark.” While the campaign is funny and on point, I think it highlights an even bigger win: the social media team reacted, in real time, to an opportunity. I don’t know if their team floated the idea to their executive chain, but I do know that in a matter of minutes they were able to use the opportunity to their advantage. This should be a lesson to executives on how to use social media:

1)   Give your team space to make choices right or wrong. Last night proved that with quick action, the team was able to react and be on point. They knew their limits and took a risk that paid off handsomely.

2)   No executive approval needed. At least from what the audience can see. There was no time to debate, or check with legal. Oreo trusted their team to make the right call and gave the creative license.

3)   Real time = Real Engagement. That is what social media is all about. The team took advantage of this and the results were amazing. I don’t think the numbers are out yet on the campaign, but I can tell you if you aren’t thinking about Oreos this morning, you sure are hearing a whole lot about them now! From what I saw last night, everyone loved the creative, funny ad that made fun of a very unexpected event.

Kudos to the team for their courage because let’s be honest it was a risk. It could have gone over like a lead balloon, but because the team was tapped into the audience it was a huge success. It was timely and relevant. Two huge factors that you must know in order to master the Twitter game.