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Fun Fact Fridays: 8 Tips to Humanize Your Brand through Social Media

I had the chance to catch up with a former client about the success of his business. While he has double his business over the last few years, he is always looking for marketing advice. And I am always happy to give my two cents on how to use social media to drive awareness and traffic to your website. Over lunch, the conversation went from marketing to the benefits of social media and how it could humanize his brand.

We started chatting about how to get people to his site.  The usual tactics were employed: we have a blog; we work with our affinity partners, etc.

Then I started peppering him with questions like:

“Great, you have blog. How often are you updating it, are you consistently publishing relevant and informative content, have you optimized the blog for keywords, do your employees share the information with others, are your employees contributing to the blog?”

Then I ask my favorite question, “ Are you using social coupled with your blog to personalized the people in your company?”

His answer: Well…We should do more.

Our conversation got me thinking about how to humanize brands. While I am not a proponent of tactics driving strategy for social media, I think you first need to consider why your company should be social.  You need to have

People. Objective. Strategy. Technology

People. Objective. Strategy. Technology

purpose in your company’s social media efforts, it is all about P.O.S.T.

If you need a reason, here is one: social media is creating a two-way dialogue with people. Social media also produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC according to a recent study by Hubspot this year.

And let’s be clear, people are searching for your product or company way before they pick up the phone or send an email of interest. While the sales process is not necessarily longer, however, prospects have more resources to research your product online. Why not give them information to support each stage of the buying cycle.

So here are some tactics to consider;

1)   If you don’t have folks outside marketing contributing to your blog. Start today. You need employees to share industry news and trends. 

2)   Anyone working for your company should be positively promoting your organization through sharing industry news or company articles not always about you, but topics your current and potential customers care about.

3)   Worried that folks don’t get social media? Give them a playbook to help them understand how to use it professionally.

4)   People need guidelines, consider creating a social media policy.

5)   Don’t expect people to jump in and understand what you want them to do socially, train them.

6)   Have employees contribute to your blog on their interest.

7)   Encourage your folks to follow your social media channels and reshare to their followers.

8)   Be the influence and guide by your example.

Bonus. You need content to share right? Start using your employees to generate content for your blog

1)   The number on rule for your blog should be S.F.T.C (Solve for the Customer).

2)   Interview both employees and clients for the blog using a Q and A format.

3)   Have clients share best practices.

4)   Blogs are not exclusively for executives. Everyone should contribute.

5)   If you don’t make the blog a priority, no one else will.


4 Reasons Why a Blog Helps Your Personal Brand

I recently attended an event in which someone discussed the important of personal brand. Personal brand, she said, is important as you continue to climb the corporate ladder.  But, what if you’re not where you want to be? Blogs are a great way to increase your visibility and build your personal brand empire.

Blogs are not something new. According to Wikipedia, blogs began in the late nineties. Folks for the last ten years have been sharing their experience, knowledge, and general random thoughts, but it wasn’t until the last few years (2004 ish) that blogs really took off.

There are many benefits to writing a blog:  brand awareness, build authority,  content creation, and search engine optimization.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness isn’t only for large companies. What do you want folks to think about you? Your blog can be a great way to build your personal brand. Use your skills, interests, and experiences to build your blog, ultimately build your brand. Your personal brand isn’t just for your blog, but your digital presence.  Susan Payton wrote this article regarding how to be the “It” expert in your industry that is worth a read.


Blogs are a great way to express your knowledge on a topic and build trust with your audience. Hubspot wrote a post on 11 ways to use content to build authority. Passionate about social media? Cool, then write about that. The key to building expertise is to share your stories. Everyone has something to share. Start writing down your ideas in a notebook or use Evernote. Personally, I keep a small notebook to write down my ideas. Lots of posts have come those scribbles. Most of the ideas I jot down come from conversations at work or something I read. No matter how random the idea is write it down. Start using those ideas for posts and turn your ideas into opportunities. This is how you build authority by sharing your experience.

Your BrandContent Creation

You can’t build your empire without some content. You heard content is king, but what does that mean? I like Anna Famery’s summary on topic, “If there is no content worth reading or seeing on the site, than people won’t go.” How do you fuel the content machine? Jot down different topics to discuss on your blog. Here is a list to get you started:

  • Industry trends
  • Best practices
  • Tips
  • Pitfalls
  • Top Ten lists
  • Case Studies
  • Personal Observations
  • How To’s
  • Work Funny Ha Has

Need more? Here is another post to read on how to write great content from Jeff Bullas.

Search Engine Optimization

Trying to rank for certain key words? You should think about how to incorporate those into your blog. Amy Portfield writes a great post on how to make your blog rank well. Don’t know where to start? Think about how folks find you on the interwebs. If folks are looking for the ultimate basket weaver, how do they find you? You can check your website analytics, if you are using Google Analytics under traffic sources.