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Seven Tips to Quit Your Job Like Grace Kelly

When people mention Grace Kelly, most people think about her Hollywood beauty, charm, and the real life fairy tale story. When I think of Grace Kelly, I think about how graceful she was both on and off camera. As I finish my last day at work, I began thinking what advice would I share with other professionals looking to leave their current gig. Grace kellySome people fantasy about how they will announce their resignation. Some have made videos.  Here is my running list how you can leave your job with the grace like Grace Kelly:

  1. No Matter What, Give Two Weeks Notice. It is easy to daydream how you will throw deuces in the air with pyrotechnics in the background when you give your notice to your boss. While fun and let’s be honest, hilarious, don’t. Two weeks is important to help your coworkers out who will need to pick up the slack now that you have moved on.
  2. Ask for Feedback. While annual performance reviews are great, use this time to meet with people who worked with you to ask for feedback. This is the time to get unfiltered, honest information about yourself as an employee, boss, or leader. Don’t miss out.
  3. Set up Time with Mentors. If you have worked with any leaders in your organization that have had an impact on your work or professional career, set up time to chat. Use this time to convey your gratitude about lessons learned. Also, makes sure to convey that you want to keep in touch and makes sure to deliver on that promise.
  4. Don’t Share too Much About Your Next Gig. When my friend and client asked about my next place of employment, I shared that I wasn’t announcing publicly. It is not that I did not trust her, but rather I want to wait a few months to get into the job and make sure it’s a fit. By the time you update your Linkedin profile no one will care.
  5. Write Thank You Notes. Tell the people or staff that you worked with how much you appreciated their work. Preferably hand written, but whatever the medium, makes sure to convey your gratitude. You never know if you will work with these folks again or if your connection will lead to another gig.
  6. Be Gracious When People Are Not. Resignations sometimes bring the ugly out of people. Be gracious even if it hurts. Some people just are jerks.
  7. Make Sure to Connect with Key Contacts. If you haven’t connected with key contacts via social make sure to do that! Also, share you contact information and connect in a few weeks to share your new business contact.
  8. Bonus:  Make sure to grab samples from your previous gig before heading out the door.