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The Most Underused Social Media Platform

The Most Underused Social Media Platform

Reading about the upcoming 2014 content marketing trends from Crazy Egg’s blog, I was reminded how SlideShare is still underused by most social media marketers. It still surprising how often this fantastic tool gets overlooked.

Last year I spoke with PR Week’s Tanya Lewis about the use of SlideShare and PR. If you don’t know what Slideshare is, it is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. With 60 million monthly visitors and and 120 million page views it is one of the top 150 sites on the Internet. Who doesn’t need more views to their website or content?

My presentation from PRSA event in November. Since presenting, it has been viewed more than 450 times. That is beyond the 50 plus folks in the audience who say it. Boom. Now that's what I call increasing awareness.

My presentation from PRSA event in November. Since presenting, it has been viewed more than 450 times. That is beyond the 50 plus folks in the audience who say it. Boom. Now that’s what I call increasing awareness.

I am a huge proponent of SlideShare. For any marketer or public relations professional looking for ways to build their client expertise you shouldn’t look any further. Seriously. Who doesn’t have a Powerpoint to share? How many of you have client looking to you to create content? Here is a chance to repurpose and reuse good content.

Here is my personal example using SlideShare, back in November, I had the opportunity to present to a regional PRSA conference.

Now, when I presented there was about 50 plus folks in the room. Not bad right? But, when I posted my presentation to SlideShare a few things happen:

1) More exposure. Since posting to SlideShare, the presentation has been viewed more than 600 times. Not trending on SlideShare, but definitely worth the investment of increasing my reach by 9X.

2) Someone from the presentation also blogged about it. Bonus! He blogged on Vocus corporate blog and linked to the SlideShare posting. This was a key driver of viewers to my SlideShare presentation. Bonus: a reporter from my local market also covered the story too. Love it.

3) Increased credibility. Amazing when you can share your ideas and thoughts, folks seek you out for advice and expertise. Building expertise through showing your work. Huzzah, what every PR person wants for their client: ability to leverage their expertise and get noticed.

Final thought: You or your client already have some pretty decent presentation that are probably worth sharing. Why not give it a shot?


#FunFactFridays: Stats on Presentations

If you have been reading my blog, you already know how much I love using SlideShare. Your #FunFactFriday is all about presentation stats from SlideShare. While it is dated from 2011, I think there are some great nuggets about presentations such as the average number of slides, the country who uses the most slides, and the world record for the longest presentation (number of slides).

Happy Reading!

#FunFactFridays: Things I Carry for Success

This week on LinkedIn there was an article titled, “Things I Carry..” describing what many business luminaries carry everyday that make them successful or cannot live without.

This article prompted me to think what I couldn’t live without. So, I am adding my list to the mix:

  • Moleskin notebook– kicking it old school with writing down ideas, notes
  • Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, SlideShare updates- technically I don’t carry these put I make a point to read them regularly
  • Positive Attitude
  • Photos of my family, husband, and dog
  • Humor
  • Trade magazines, Wall Street Journal
  • Coffee- I can’t start the day without it
  • IPhone charger
  • Sticky Notes

What’s on your list?

Mid-Atlantic District Chesapeake Conference: Presentation

I had a great time presenting at the 2012 PRSA Mid-Atlantic District Chesapeake Conference today. I shared my “learned lessons” on how to implement social media in my organization, but more importantly how you can do it yourself.

Most of the folks were apart of small to large organizations, but they all shared the same interest: How can I use social Media in my work?

You can find my presentation here.

Happy Reading!